Do you work on McLoughlin?

See what Metro's BRT plan will do to the businesses and jobs in our community!

Select the cross

street and see the

effects of BRT:

      Park Ave


      Oak Grove Bv.





     Glen Echo


     River Road

20% wider, 20% longer to cross; the design alone will create congestion.

$20.6 Million, 1 Minute Faster

from Milwaukie to Oregon City.  Is BRT really worth the price of

the added congestion and jobs lost in our community?

                                         54'    To sidewalk edge

Union 76 Gas Station at River Road

     This new sidewalk and landscape strip is less

     than two years old.  The BRT plan will widen

     McLoughlin to at least 60' at this point. This

     will destroy this business.

                       See more samples below

  Sidewalk edge  48'                59' to pole

Goodyear Tire at Concord Road

      BRT plan calls for 60' street width and a

      restricted access driveway for this business.

      The BRT plan will eliminate most of the

      parking and block all customers coming

      from the south.  Say goodbye to 15 jobs in

      our community.

Take a closer look at

BRT intersection design


What is Rapid Bus Service?

See the design, costs, and why rapid bus would

be a better system than BRT for our community.

Rapid Bus Service  (RBS)

The BRT plans and information in this web page come from Metro's South Corridor Study plan book 2-5-02 and from maps and information presented at public meetings sponsored by Metro.  Metro claims that this plan can be changed; however, they are only offering you minor changes by moving the road or a driveway a few feet to pacify you.  A bad plan never dies at Metro unless we kill it dead.  As a community we must all stand together and tell Metro "NO BUILD" to BRT or we will be stuck with the results of increased congestion, job losses, and business that will be destroyed because of this project.

"Silence Is Considered Acceptance"

    Decisions will be made by the county soon.  Now is the time to help our community.

   1.  Get the word out by telling other business and land owners on McLoughlin about

        BRT and this web page.  Tell other citizens in our community about this.

   2.  Contact the Chamber and other organizations that help businesses.

   3.  Tell the Clackamas County Commissioners how disappointed you are with them and

        their plans to damage our community.  Send them a fax and tell them what you think!

        Fax (503) 650-8944     (All faxes become part of the public record).

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The BRT plan has been tabled for now.

It seems that a bunch of business owners objected, and

the Clackamas County Commissioners didn't want to spend the  general fund or gas tax money on this

project at this time.  If this plan re-surfaces we will let

you know.  While you're here  go ahead and review

Metro's plan and what it would do to McLoughlin.