Region: 1                      Metropolitan Area: Portland/Metro Area

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program or the STIP, is Oregon's transportation spending list 

Our politicians can ask for money for roads and added capacity to reduce congestion. Or they can ask for money for  transit, bike and pedestrian paths and amenities around our roads. More often than 
not, they ask for money for multimodal transportation system, not road capacity. 

Most of the money comes from state and federal fuel, auto and truck taxes. Once they are dedicated for a transit project they cannot be moved to a road project. If you don't ask for money for added road capacity, you will not receive any road money. 

We are building our way into congestion !
The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, known as the STIP, is Oregon's four-year transportation capital improvement program. It is the document that identifies the funding for, and scheduling of, transportation projects and programs. It includes projects on the federal, state, city and county transportation systems, multimodal projects (highway, passenger rail, freight, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian), and projects in the National Parks, National Forests and Indian tribal lands. 

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Region: 1        Metropolitan Area: Portland/Metro Area

Bikes Projects in the STIP 

Transit Projects in the STIP 

Pedestrian coming soon 

These are projects the cities and politicians ask to be funded
 using auto and truck taxes 

Here are some examples of what you may find

14441     METRO RTO PROGRAM     --       $2,006,000    REGIONAL TRAVEL OPTIONS PROGRAM OPERATIONS     NONCON    2008 Applicant:    METRO


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Region: 1        Metropolitan Area: Portland/Metro Area

2007 projects approved in the STIP
2008 projects approved in the STIP
2009 projects approved in the STIP

2004-2007 STIP Region 1 Projects pg. 55-102 

Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP)
The new OTP, adopted September 20, 2006, supersedes the 1992 Plan. The 1992 OTP established a vision of a balanced, multimodal transportation system and called for an expansion of ODOTís role in funding non-highway investments.