Tax Breaks In and around the Portland Metro Area
Intel seeks to extend tax breaks to 2025 
If taxes are too high for Oregon's largest private employer, then they are too high for all businesses  also. It's time that we treat all businesses the same

Some developments in Portland see sweetheart deals 
Call center amid whirl of debate
For starters the project will see a $450,000 grant and a $7.1 million, low-interest loan to build the project with no payments for 10 years.
I'd like to know what the taxpayers get in return and why Portland is picking winners and losers in their tax break lottery.

 Squaring off in Northeast 

Vesta puts the heat on city 
If taxes are too high for one business, then they are too high for all business. Taxes should be paid using the same rules for every business.
Government should not be picking the winners and losers in the tax break lottery.

Vanport Square idea lives, albeit smaller 
Enticing smart growth development is a full time job for the PDC (Portland Development Commission). The PDC claim is it "fostered growth" in the surrounding areas of their developments, without pointing out the tax breaks, tax abatements and other incentives such as low interest loans. The PDC is the fastest growing non elected agency in Oregon and is funded by diverting tax revenues that would have funded, schools, police, fire and social services. Despite all these advantages, their projects still struggle to survive.

Home buyers get 'Smart Commute' incentives

Purchase feeds hope to MLK   The (PDC) urban renewal agency bought the property for $1.75 million in 2000 and sold it  for 1.2 million!! Why are taxpayers using money that would have gone to police, fire and schools and subsidizing developers?

Feds put up money for public market
It time these projects pay their fair share and all property owners to be treated the same.
When Tax breaks are given to some property owners and not to others the properties not
receiving the break cannot compete.
    If this market was a good Idea, the business community would have 
risked their money,  instead of taxpayers!

Tax break rankles in tight times Portland Mayor Katz and city council gives tax breaks to a $840,000 Pearl District condo that pays only $146 a year in property taxes.

Developer seeks tax break in Gresham  10 year tax abatement to build the $5.2

City (Portland) gets creative to woo Siltronic
Financial enticements include property tax abatements, energy incentives, grants for capital expenses and work-force training. Multnomah County's Strategic Investment Program and the possibility of designating parts of the Northwest industrial area and Swan Island as an urban renewal area and Federal Housing and Urban Development loan of $26 million.
This is the same county (Multnomah) and City (Portland) that has a new county income tax, wants a real estate transfer tax, is talking about more system development fees and raising transit taxes, school taxes, much more for it's established businesses.

Salem Regional Employment Center could attract business
Might generate 5,000 jobs will cost $48.3 million dollars! - 09/19/04

Hotel may hold key to Lloyd housing
If the sale goes through, the nonprofit hopes to borrow $5 million from the Portland Development Commission to finance the purchase. An additional $3 million that would be needed probably would come from tax credits.

Art and commerce at odds 
Can we afford some  our most expensive  properties, not to pay property taxes?

Portland neighbor readies for growth
This project  will be a subsidized by Oregon taxpayers

A better Burnside could be ours --for $61 million    More pork projects for downtown Portland, paid for by the suburbs! Urban renewal takes money that would have gone to police fire and schools.
Urban renewal goes under  microscope 
Subsidizing smart growth and density and downtown Portland for 30 years has not paid off for the taxpayers