Portland  Transportation Projects
Below is the list of TSDC transportation priorities that Sam Adams 
the the city  of Portland put at the top of the list of must do 
transportation projects  when they add high density projects to the city 
1997 - 2007 Portland TSDCs (Transportation System Development Charges)
2008 - 2017 Portland TSDCs (Transportation System Development Charges)
TSDCs (Transportation System Development Charges) are one-time fees assessed to new developments                     (See the project lists and maps )
Minimum Qualifications (project meets all of the following)
Did you ever wonder what kind of projects the city of Portland asks to
be funded by  the state of Oregon? 
I searched The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP),
known as the STIP  and here is some of what I found.
The Portland Office of Transportation's(PDOT) Capital Improvement Program(CIP)
Projects and Plans  This is the list of Portland's transportation Projects which they believe are the most important 
CIP Projects under construction

When Portland needs transportation money from the state of Oregon
what does  Portland ask for ? click here for some examples

Portland Bike page
Completed Bike Lane Projects
$800,000. Bike path opens near airport 12/14/07Portland Business Journal
Bikes and the STIP Click Here
Portland STREET CARS and Rail
Metro studies route for east side streetcar to OMSI
The cost of the original line before waterfront was added
          * Bonds backed by the City of Portland: $28.5 million 
          * one-time payment from property owners: $9.6 million 
          * Federal money reallocated to Tri-Met: $5 million 
          * City owned parking garages: $2 million 
          * South Park Blocks Urban Renewal tax: $7.5 million
          * US Housing and Urban Development: $500,000 
          * Portland Department of Transportation: $500,000 
          * City of Portland general fund (extra car): $1.9 million 
          * Tax breaks: $850,000 
          * Interest earned on project funds: $355,000 
          * For helping Sound Transit with their procurement: $160,000 
Two thirds of the streetcars $2.4 million  annual operating budget comes from TriMet,
with the rest coming from fares, advertising and the new parking meters in the River District. Portland paid $906,000 for 2004 this year. The streetcar is not sustainable!

There's more rail in our future
The money used to fund these projects could be used to reduce congestion  on our roads

Transit mall redo: Riches, ruin or
As downtown project gathers steam, merchants fear blow to livelihoods
The $160 million project calls for connecting Union Station to Portland State                        University with a new light-rail line

Plan would raise parking fees The New fees will be used to subsidize Light rail

Riding the rails: Eugene-to-Vancouver, B.C., ridership up six fold
If Amtrak ridership is doing so well, why is it in the red, and losing money?

What happened to Streetcars and the Myth of a conspiracy

Congestion + Traffic
Sellwood Bridge plan missing pieces Multnomah County Chairman Ted Wheeler will table the project unless everybody signs on  Oregonian 2/16/08 
While we have plenty of  of money for the new 1.4 billion dollar light rail line to Milwaukie

Portland is is ranked among the worst for traffic congestion 
Susie Lahsene, manager of land use and transportation policy for the Port of Portland, says road delays have a real cost: One minute spent idling in traffic costs $1 in wasted fuel and lost productivity. And that's conservative. She says the 10,000 trucks on the Interstate 5 trade corridor at any given time experience delays that constitute a loss of $26 million worth of productivity annually, and more than a half billion dollars over 20 years, a figure that doesn't count the additional trucks needed to compensate for lost time.

Can't cross the bridge when you get to it 
Portland's transportation planners are not  doing their job!

The Solution for Portland: More and More Highways

So far, it costs $29,000 for every car  pool

All out checkup finds bridge is safe for now 
This bridge  needs to expand to handle the growing capacity problems.

County officials calculate high cost of Sellwood bridge work 
Poor planning by Multnomah County has created this problem.
This PROBLEM has been know  for a decade but was ignored! 

Sam Adams: No public vote on street fee 
TriMet hears thud on fare plan