Here's a sample of what's not protected on the east side with

metro's measure 26-29.   (the same is true for the west side)

Streets with good transit ("Corridors" - 1000 feet each side) are NOT PROTECTED: Lombard,

Killingsworth, Prescott, Fremont, Broadway, Cully, Halsey, Glisan, Burnside, Stark, Belmont, Hawthorn,

Division, Powell, Holgate, Woodstock, Johnson Creek Blvd., McLoughlin, 39th, 52nd, 82nd, 122nd,

182nd and 223rd. yellow streets on the map.

Near Light rail stations ("Station Communities" - one mile diameter) are NOT PROTECTED: Along

Banfield, E. Burnside and Interstate Ave. with more planned along 1-205 and McLoughlin. About 500

acres each - orange circles on map.

Main streets' are NOT PROTECTED: Portions of Lombard, Killingsworth, Alberta, Fremont, Cully,

Sandy Blvd, Burnside, Belmont, Hawthorn, Division, Woodstock, MLK. 82nd, 122nd and North Main

Avenue in Gresham,- red streets on the map

Town center's are NOT PROTECTED: downtowns of smaller cities such as King City, Forest Grove,

Gladstone, Tualatin, Sherwood and Fairview. Also larger neighborhood center's such as Cedar Mill, St.

Johns, Aloha, Lents, Hollywood and Hillsdale. - small purple dots on the map.

Regional center's are NOT PROTECTED: Vancouver, Wash.; Gateway, Gresham, Clackamas Town

Center, Oregon City, Washington Square, Beaverton and Hillsboro

- Medium size purple dots on the map.

Bottom line: METRO'S measure will NOT STOP density in MOST PLACES NEAR YOU. It mostly

protects areas that are not currently seeing an increase in density. One more little thing: it doesn't roll back

past density mandates. If METRO truly wanted to limit density, it would just repeal parts of its own code instead.

Actual text from METRO's measure:

(b) Density Increase Prohibited. Neither the Regional Framework Plan nor any Metro ordinance adopted to implement the plan

shall require an increase in the density of single-family neighborhoods within the existing urban growth boundary identified in

the plan solely as Inner or Outer Neighborhoods. (Emphasis added)

The Measure's sponsor, Rex Burkholder, explained what it doesn't cover:

"By definition, corridors and main streets, as well as town censers, industrial 1~ and regional censers, are not inner or outer

neighborhoods." (Emphasis added)


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