The purpose of this page is to try  compile problems with the Max light rail,
When it fails. When Tri-Met's Max line shuts down, it causes many problems. 

        #1. Tri-Met's light rail cannot go around a accident or a problem with the 
         electric lines or tracks, Buses need to be called in to get around a problem.

         #2. It's hard to tell Max users that there is a problem, so they can avoid them. 
         Tri Met doesn't always let the media know and notify their email list or post 
         on their Current detours & service  disruptions page. 
         You must listen to your local road report for most problems.

    #3. When a significant problem arises, Tri met has to mobilize people and 
         buses to fill the gap. Max users are expected to transfer from Max to bus
         and many times back to Max to get to where they are bound to. 
         For Max users this is time consuming and confusing. This can take a 
         significant amount of  time to get it up and running.  While Max users
         stand around wondering why the train has not arrived.

         #4. We are told that by allowing Max to have it's own right-a-way and 
         priority at lighted intersections, it will be fast. 
         When a Max train approaches a signaled intersection they have priority.
         Autos are stopped by  a red light to let the Max pass, This increases 
         congestion at the intersections.  So Max increases congestion.

A)  Light rail runs on an average speed of about 17 mph,
           when everything is working fine.
B)   A bus can drive around most problems.
            Max is crippled by them.

Below are some of the break downs that we know of. If you hear of a problem 
please email us at

 Not all the problems were caused by Max.
 Max is not  adaptable to most problems, because of the tracks.


 Summary of MAX Fatalities        click on this link

 Portland's Light Rail Death Rate per 100 million passenger-miles

 MAX vs Firetruck

  9/13/07    Gas leak forces evacuations shuts down Max

  4/12/07     7:15 am  I-Max shut down because of accident       Buses called in to shuttle passengers
    4/9/07     Car hit by MAX train 
 7/21/06      I Max stalled  6:08 pm
12/30/05     Woman killed by MAX crossed illegally
  1/12/05     Max stops down town, because of a building fire Morrison St
    8/2/04     MAX train fatally hits man in wheelchair   This was the 19th person to die 
  7/15/04     Power outage causes Yellow Line disruption
    1/6/04     No MAX service on the Red, Blue,Westside MAX and Streetcar  as Snow, ice freeze area. 
12/24/03     16-year-old hit by a train
  12/5/03     MAX train's pantograph arm became tangled in the overhead wires
  1/17/03     13 yr old girl hit by MAX, buses will carry max  riders between the two closed stations
  6/24/03     Boy was killed on bike by Max--This is the 16th fatality associated with MAX
  4/29/03     MAX Light Rail   down again          Buses will continue to shuttle
  4/25/03     Damage to overhead wires will cause MAX delays MAX        riders shuttled by buses
    3/6/03     PDX Max closed -liquid oxygen spilled from a tanker truck -Buses are carrying riders
  1/10/03     Problem with a MAX train in the tunnel --    Buses will serve the 2 closed MAX stations
    1/7/03    Car collided with a train 
12/27/02    Car hits MAX train         buses shuttle train passengers to next stop 
  11/3/02    Girl hit and dragged by Max
10/10/02    Woman's suicide haltswestside  Max
  8/22/02    Bush Visit Disrupts Tri-Met Service 
  7/10/02    Power failed , Buses were ferrying riders
 6/10/ 02    The light-rail power lines  damaged by bridge lift, Buses shuttle riders until following day
  5/10/02    Power Outage Suspends Some MAX  Service 
  4/11/02    Car hits  Max train. Tri-Met has set up bus service between the Rose Quarter and the NE 7th
  3/27/02    Max crash 
    2/9/02    Max  Hits, Kills man near PGE park      15th fatality
    1/6/02    Max  Hits, Kills man                             14th fatality 
12/13/00    Delays from  weather
10/21/01    Max train kills man lying on tracks     13th fatality
    8/9/01    Tri-Met hopes to have MAX service restored by start of service tomorrow
  4/10/01    Beaverton man died 
  3/18/01    Max trains were all slowed to 20 mph during and after the earth quake
  3/14/01    Woman  hit by Max   Train service was  disrupted for about 30 minutes. 
  2/21/01    Person was hit by Max.     Buses carry Max riders while  the station was closed.
10/12/99    Beaverton Man killed by Max train
    8/3/99    Train kills Pedestrain in rush hour
  6/15/99    Youth hit, killed by Max train

These are only  some of the problems we know of because they were reported in the
 news or on Tri-Met  Current detours & service  disruptions page. 

Many problems and delays go unreported by the media and Tri-Met.

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