House Bill 3304

Should Dead People Vote In Oregon?

When a person dies in Clackamas County, the Vital Records

division in each county's Health and Human Services

gathers information and produces two death certificates; an

abstract death certificate within 48 hours (public

information per ORS 432.105) and a full medical death

certificate that is sent to the State Health Division within

two weeks.  Once the death certificate reaches the State

Health Division, it is compiled with other death certificates

and sent to the Secretary of State's office at the end of the

month. (ORS 247.570).  The Secretary of State will then

send a death notice to all County Clerks to remove the names

of people who have died from the voting lists.  This process is

the same for all counties and can take up to two months for

the removal of the names of people who have died.

In Clackamas County, the Elections office will update their

voters list by researching death notices in local newspapers

prior to state notification.  This helps, but many are missed

because people die in other counties and may not be written up

in the local newspapers.

The Elections Department Had No Idea I Died

House Bill 3304 will fix these problems

Instead of waiting (up to) two months for death notices to circulate to the county election offices, this

bill will streamline the notification process down to a few days for the local county election office and

about a week for all counties statewide.

This new process is simple. When the county registrar makes up the death certificates as

required by law, they simply make up an additional certificate and mails it to their own county

election office.  The county election office will then remove the name and forwards the notification to

the Secretary of State who will then send it out to all counties statewide in a matter of days.  The best

part of this bill is that it streamlines the election process and will actually save money by eliminating

the extra processing and mailing of ballots to people who have died in Oregon.

Request to change law by Eugene Schoenheit

HB 3304 sponsored by  State Representative Linda Flores, Gallegos, & Mabrey


Dedicated to Marie Hester

1918 to 2002

(7-21-03) HB 3304 was signed into law today by the Governor

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