Teen gets prison for beating MAX riderThe Oregonian 6/13/08

North Portland MAX attack renews fear, safety worries The Oregonian 6/13/08

Teens attack woman on MAX line  KATU 6/11/08

Woman beaten in racially charged attack at N. Portland MAX stop KGW 6/12/08

Fight breaks out on MAX train in North Portland  6/5/08 

MAX Attempted Robbery   KOIN 6/5/08

Teens in custody after fight breaks out on MAX train  KATU  6/4/08

MAX Assault Suspect: 'It Was Just A Harmless Scuffle'    KPTV 5/29/08

Innocent bystander wounded by gunfire at MAX station   KGW  5/2/08

Man's Shoes Stolen In MAX Station Assault   KPTV  5/2/08

Woman shot next to Max station          KPAM 860     5/1/08

Deadly shooting at apartment complex on E Burnside next to max  KGW 4/17/08

Suspect arrested in bus stop shooting near Max   KGW 4/3/08

Thieves target Portland light-rail project  KGW 3/28/08

Fairview man arrested after MAX shooting   KGW3/19/08

Teens attacked at NE MAX stop   KOIN 3/17/08 

Pepper spray used, arrest made during Portland protest of Iraq war
They then piled onto a MAX light rail train to a shopping center 
located near a recruiting station. A string of police motorcycles 
and a van of police in riot gear followed the train KGW 3/9/08

14-year-old wounded in possible gang shooting in Portland   KGW2/8/08

Victims: Race a factor in Gresham MAX attack KATU 2/7/08

This should be a crime
Oregon guide dogs for blind shocked by light rail platforms KGW 2/4/08

Knife attack on bus raises security concerns   KGW 1/24/08

Area police say TriMet needs more officers   The Oregonian 1/24/08

Gang member attacks two men on TriMet bus Local News Daily.com 1/23/08

Knife fight on TriMet bus forces emergency action  KATU 1/23/08

Bus Driver Attacked In North Portland  KPTV 1/21/08

Man Attacked On MAX Train  KPTV 1/21/08

TriMet: Three assaults in one week  LocalNewsDaily.com, 1/21/08 

Mixed news from MAX crime stats Numbers through Nov. 2007 show 
assaults, car thefts up on Westside  these are only the reported crimes 
The Argus  1/18/08

Fareless Square to continue -- for now   After a beating and other 
high-profile incidents on the MAX light-rail system   KGW 1/18/08

Hire 160 officers for light rail, city tells TriMet
To protect Milwaukie residents and others who would ride light rail into 
Clackamas County, TriMet needs to hire about 160 law enforcement 
officers, paying for them with increased fares, the Milwaukie police 
chief told TriMet officials last week.The Oregonian 1/17/08

Milwaukie sends officer to MAX force The Clackamas Review 1/16/08

During a meeting last week in Milwaukie about safety and security on the light rail,
Chief Larry Kanzler described TriMet's current security system as
inadequate and in need of dramatic change.   The Clackamas Review 1/16/08

Sexual assault near MAX falls through cracks The Gresham Outlook, 1/15/08

Lawmakers pushing for more TriMet security   KATU 1/15/08 

Drug dealers could put an end to free rides in Portland's fareless square KGW  1/14/08

Westside Vancouver business owners display their feelings about light rail 
“Keep the Crime Train (MAX) Off Main” Vancouver Business Journal  1/11/08

Westside Vancouver business owners display their feelings about light rail 
“Keep the Crime Train (MAX) Off Main” Vancouver Business Journal  1/11/08

TriMet works on MAX security Tri-Met vowed to increase the presence of police on
westside MAX rail lines, the transit agency struggled Wednesday to establish its level of
commitment to enforcement on lines east of the Willamette River and its policy for sharing 
news of violent crime.The Oregonian 1/10/08

TriMet adds Westside Precinct, dedicates 5 officers  The Argus  1/10/08

Man Injured In Beaverton MAX Attack TriMet Officials Announce New Safety Plan
KPTV 12 --1/10/08

TriMet works on MAX security 1/10/08

'Get these citizens protected,' she urges
MAX - A woman allegedly attacked at a stop says a warning needed to go out The Oregonian 1/9/08

Decision to add more police to West side MAX stirs controversy  KGW 1/9/08 

After two long months, MAX beating victim returns home The Gresham Outlook, 1/8/08

Mayor Bemis responds to safety concerns
Mayor promises at luncheon to follow up soon with Tri-Met  The Gresham Outlook, 1/8/08

Woman sexually assaulted at Gresham MAX  KGW report 1/7/08