Crime Map of the MAX The Oregonian 2007 
Crime Map of the Max details   from Ortem Crime Page Map 2007 

Max service disrupted after suspicious device found   KGW report 12/30/07

The Milwaukie City Council’s tour of an existing light rail line Multiple non-functioning 
ticket machines, numerous people smoking on the platforms and a man hopping the TriMet
fence to urinate on a tree in the open lot in front of De La Salle High School 
The Clackamas Review 12/19/07

Locals Wonder: Can TriMet Turn it Around? The Outlook, 12/14/07

Taking back the rails The Oregonian 12/13/07

TriMet moves to boost MAX police The Oregonian 12/13/07

Westside MAX riders may see more police
TriMet ponders plan to improve train safety, increase patrols The Beaverton Valley Times, 12/13/07

MAX safety long ago left on a siding  Opinion The Oregonian 12/12/07 

TriMet: Free equals less safe Tribune 12/11/07 

Light Rail Follies #1: State Troopers Ride Max The Antiplanner 12/10/07

Curtail free rides, TriMet says The transit agency's manager wants to end Fareless Square 
The Oregonian 12/8/07 

TriMet chief goes on the offensive for safetyAgain! see crime history
One of those who attended a summit, Gresham Mayor Shane T. Bemis, said the changes 
don’t go far enough.
“I was pleased to hear TriMet answer our call to get the transit officers out of their cars and on the train, and I am excited about the prospect of increased fair inspections,” Bemis said in a statement released after the talk. “However, security on TriMet has been an issue for a long time. We were in the same position in the late 80s when the Governor put State Police on the trains, now we’re here again.
The Outlook 12/7/07

Free transit rides may end Tribune 12/7/07

Margins of safety  Milwaukie activist Ed Zumwalt promises to lie across the tracks
to stop light rail from rolling into town.  The Oregonian 12/6/07

More MAX violence proves more safety needed now The Times, 12/6/07 

Police seek more presence at Hillsboro and other stops The Forest Grove News-Times, 12/5/07

Proposed MAX stop troubles local leader  The Portland Tribune 12/4/07

Photo of MAX stabbing suspects releasedThe Outlook 12/4/07

TriMet, not Gresham, must clean up mess    The Outlook 12/4/07

Police investigate fight, stabbing near Gresham MAX station The Oregonian 11/30/07

TriMet gets earful about MAX The Oregonian  11/30/07

TriMet rethinks Fare less Square Portland Tribune 11/30/07 

Police make a difference on MAX“ Strangely enough, you can’t pee on the platform,” Skeanhan adds wryly, although judging from the odor at 197th and Burnside you’d never know it. The Outlook  11/30/07 

Nights on the MAX find anarchy on the rails "I don't usually ride at night," she says. "It can get scary."
The Oregonian  11/23/07

Charges dropped against 2nd teen in MAX hammer attack KGW 11/20/07

Westside police hope to form MAX team The attack on a 71-year-old galvanizes efforts to step up police presence on light rail The Oregonian  11/16/07

Pressure mounts for more MAX fixes  Portland Tribune 11/16/07

Fearing Milwaukie's MAX   The Clackamas Review, 11/13/07

Max Station Victim calls beating 'a cowardly act'  The Outlook  11/13/07 

Westside Police In Pinch Over TriMet Crime  KPTV 12 --11/10/07

Crime often getting free ride   Rapes, robberies and dozens of assaults have been reported in recent years. On a spring day in 2006, a transient grabbed the 2-year-old daughter of a visiting couple riding a MAX train through downtown Portland, before being tackled by bystanders. Last month, two teens were charged in connection with a hammer attack at a stop outside HillsboroThe Oregonian 11/9/07

Fear rides the MAX It led to an analysis of crime statistics that showed that a high percentage of all crimes reported in Gresham occurred within a quarter of a mile of the line — including just over 60 percent of all gang calls.  Portland Tribune 11/9/07

Gresham MAX sees show of force The Oregonian 11/8/07

State should lead effort to reduce MAX crime The Times, 11/8/07

Gresham police add permanent new MAX patrols to increase safety   KGW 11/7/07

Fed Up with TriMet The beating of a 71-year-old man near MAX stop in Gresham touches off storm of anger, frustration in the community The Gresham Outlook 11/6/07

More patrols start Wednesday along Gresham MAX   KGW 11/6/07

TriMet vows to expand MAX security after brutal attack in Gresham  By KGW and AP Staff 11/5/07

TriMet plans to add security on MAX trainsLocal, 11/5/07

No cameras were operating at MAX station where man was beaten  The Oregonian  11/5/07

Trouble on the train? Debate about MAX crime heats up.   KGW 11/5/07

MAX attack sparks safety changes  According to the Gresham police, the incident apparently began around 9:10 p.m. when three juveniles, who had been riding the same eastbound train as Chilcote, followed him off the train at the Gresham Central Transit Center, 400 NE 8th Ave.

Chavez-Garcia allegedly taunted Chilcote as an "old man," and then attacked him with a baseball bat he was carrying with him. The OutLook 11/4/07

Elderly man beaten with baseball bat at MAX station  Portland Tribune  11/4/07 

Police to ride MAX in Gresham The Oregonian  11/3/07 

# Guardian Angels try to make MAX a safer ride The Outlook   11/3/07

Mayor Shane T. Bemis  Announces Gresham Police to Begin Patrolling MAX Gresham web site

Gresham Mayor: Crime so bad on MAX that officers will patrol line KGW 11/2/07 

Teen gang suspects arrested for hammer attack at MAX stop  KGW 10/30/07

Nearby shooting disrupts NE Seventh Avenue MAX traffic in Portland The Oregonian  10/29/07

One teen hurt in attack near Hillsboro MAX station katu 10/23/07

Bank robber uses Max for his getaway Portland Tribune  10/11/07

Police shut down light rail after breaking up party The Outlook 9/25/07

Portland man charged with robbery after restaurant customers subdue him..KGW 9/22/07

Task force drafts list to address crime rate The Oregonian

When crime moves in The Oregonian

More on Light-Rail Transit Crime in Portland

Because of the current rash of shootings, stabbings, muggings, beatings, and 
drug-dealing at the 162 Avenue/E. Burnside Street MAX station area  East PDX News

Trying to get past a nickname: Felony Flats  The Oregonian  9/20/07
"The MAX has been a living nightmare for us," Preston said. "I would not ride it 
at night -- and I'm armed all the time. There are massive fights, guns displayed, 
stabbing, people being threatened and bullied."  Sgt. Kim Preston

Update: Police Beefing up Patrols around Max along the east line in Portland- 9/12/07

The Pleasures of Public Transit    Not!

Shooting along East Burnside next to Max  Portland Tribune   9/10/07

Gresham, Portland teaming up against crime A recent sting resulted in 15 arrests and even more
exclusions from Tri-Met. KXL

Attempted murder victim flees scene  Northeast 82nd Avenue MAX platform Portland Tribune 9/9/07

TriMet cameras will reduce station crime The Gresham Outlook, Jun 8, 2007 the OutLook 6/  /07

Shooting incident near NE 82 MAX line-Closes Max Portland Tribune   5/24/07
Police arrest two teens in shooting incident near Northeast MAX line Portland Tribune 5/24/07

Shooting Disrupts MAX Service; 2 Teens Arrested KPTV news 5/24/07

TriMet installing security cameras at MAX stations....KGW  5/21/07.

TriMet Receives Grant To Increase Security At 5 MAX Stations kptv news 5/20/07

MAX train freeloaders cost TriMet millions So how much money is TriMet losing by not collecting all those fares?  Do the math - if 8 percent of riders are not paying and people ride the MAX trains 32 million times a year, at $1.70 a trip, that is about $4.35 million that TriMet could collect KATU 2 news  5/  /07

TriMet to receive federal security grant $560,000 in funding will add cameras on Portland, 
Gresham lines Portland Tribune 5/  /07

Federal agency says Portland bus rider stats not a big secret KGW 5/2/07

Purse snatcher pepper sprayed victim in Hillsboro  KGW 5/2/07

Police Seek Max Station Robber  kptv news 3/20/07 

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