Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
      March 24, 1995
      NANCY McCARTHY - of the Oregonian Staff

      Summary: Alarming statistics: Gresham car thefts are accelerating,
but arrests of the thieves have stalled Kathy J. Merrill walked out of the
Rockwood Fred Meyer store with a cartload of groceries and searched
for her 1975 blue Toyota Celica.

      The car was gone. Again. ``I thought I was losing my mind,'' said Merrill,
who had the same experience with the same car four years ago.

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      But Gresham police Lt. Raymond Kelsay believes
car thefts are rising for other reasons. Gresham's
population is up, and the MAX trains make it easy
for someone to travel from Portland, steal a car
and drive away, he said.
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      She's not optimistic. Just a few months ago, Merrill joined another
list of Gresham crime victims.

      ``Two days before Christmas, someone burglarized my house,''
Merrill said.

      But that's another statistic.

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