Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
      September 12, 1994

 NANCY MCCARTHY - of The Oregonian staff

      Riders taking the MAX train to East Multnomah County, beware:
MAX may not be your friend.

      Although the train provides an easy commute between Portland and
Gresham, it also attracts trouble. ``My sense is that things are pretty
easy pickings,'' said Steve C. Tillinghast, Tri-Met security director. `
`I fear the park-and-ride lots are the targets.''

      Car prowlers break into cars or steal them outright at park-and-ride lots from
Gateway to the end of the line in Gresham, according to police reports.

      Rock throwers occasionally station themselves along the tracks on East Burnside
Street between 172nd and 181st avenues. Sometimes they hit their target: A rock
went through a train window in July and shattered the glass above the rider.
The rider received minor injuries.

      Riders waiting for MAX or departing the train may be robbed or assaulted.
A young Gresham woman waiting for a train at a station on 188th Avenue and
Southeast Stark Street recently was harassed by three youths and hit in the face by
one of them.

      But there is good news for Gresham riders. Two Gresham police officers will
be hired for Tri-Met's security unit in October. The cost for the officers, vehicle
and supplies will be about $110,000, Tillinghast said.

      The officers will be added to the 14 police officers and two sergeants already
in the security unit, he said. -- Nancy McCarthy

          1994 Oregonian Publishing Co.

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