Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
November 11, 1993
Author: HOLLY DANKS and ERIC WEE of The Oregonian staff

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Tri-Met officials want you to know that despite two shootings in six weeks, overall reports of assaults are down. But to help make good on their claim, four more security guards were added Wednesday to trouble-prone routes.
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Reactions about personal safety among some No. 6 riders Wednesday were mixed. Sounding like survivors in a battle zone, many riders seemed to accept Tuesday's bus shooting as a fact of life.

Ask enough people and they reveal their personal secrets on how to ride the bus safely: Don't take it at night. Sit by the door so you can get out fast. Keep an eye out for gang members in baggy clothes.

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Tri-Met spokesman Johnson said the transit agency worried about public opinions. ``Our position is that we're very concerned about the perception people have about their safety on Tri-Met and we are very concerned about this (Tuesday) incident.''

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Tri-Met General Manager Tom Walsh responded to the Oct. 2 shooting of two girls on the No. 4 line by immediately hiring armed guards to ride several routes, later replacing them with uniformed monitors.

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