Congestion Links

How "Smart Growth" Intensifies Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution

Highway Use continues to Escalate in Portland

The New Urbanism, the latest fad in planning

Turning Portland into Los Angeles, Metro's real goal

Light Rail Volumes compared to Freeway and Arterial Lanes

Light rail lines carry 80% less than a single freeway lane

Urban Planning & Transport:   Portland & Seattle Contrasted

Urban Planning & Transport:   Portland & Atlanta Contrasted

The mythical world of Transit Orientated Development

Does Light Rail Improve Transit?   by Randal OToole

Links to other great web sites

The Public Purpose:   Wendall Cox

Thoreau Institute:   Randal O'Toole

Portland Planning Bureau:  See how your property is zoned

Texas Transportation Institute:  Urban Mobility Report

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Does it protect your


Metro's measure, 26-29

Light Rail Facts

metro won't tell you!

Unsafe on any Street