52' To signal post

Armstrong Volkswagen     

     BRT plan calls for 64' street width at this 

     point. This plan would place a bus platform 

     and sidewalk within 2' of the front windows.

This is the BRT plan that was released to the public on 2-5-2002.  The plan is to

widen McLoughlin from 110' (+/-) to 130' at major intersections to create a

separate bus bypass lane.  The pictures and descriptions show what will

happen to your business if you allow BRT to be built to their specifications.

Metro has said that the plan can be changed; however, they are only offering

you minor changes by moving the road or a driveway a few feet to pacify you.

As a community we must stand together and tell Metro "NO BUILD" to BRT

or we will be stuck with the results of increased congestion, job losses, and

business that will be destroyed because of this project.  You must speak up loud

to put an end to the destruction of our community. Remember the quote from

Clackamas County, "Silence Is Considered Acceptance"





11' +/-

11' +/-

14' Center Lane

8' Sidewalk

8' Sidewalk

Typical cross section of McLoughlin.

Some intersections vary up to 10%

All measurements are approximate.  Numbers

in the 100 to 130' range are for the full road

width.  Lower numbers of 65' and below are

from the center of McLoughlin or from a

specific point.

Drawing of River Road from Metro's BRT plan book 2-5-2002

McLoughlin & River Road / Arlington

                                         57' To signal post

Auto Connection

     BRT plan calls for 65' street width at this 

     point. This business will lose 12' of display

     space off the front (from sidewalk edge). A 

     restricted access driveway (right in/right 

     out) will block customers coming from the

     south or going north.

                                54' To sidewalk edge


      BRT plan calls for a 15 x 120' bus platform

      in front of this business.  Street and sidewalk

      will be moved to the right 10' (up to the edge 

      of the sign).  This business will lose valuable   

      display space.

                                         54'    To sidewalk edge

Union 76 Gas Station

    BRT plan calls for 64' street width at this

    point. New sidewalk will be moved to the

    right 10'. This will eliminate access to the gas

    pumps on one side and the roof will have to 

    be cut back.  Reducing the service area 50%

    will kill this business.

In and Out Auto Repair

    Moving the sidewalk to the right will

    eliminate several parking spaces.  Sign will 

    have to be moved. 

                                                 65'   To sign edge           

                                           62'   To building

Stanley's Corner Restaurant

    BRT plan calls for 64' street width at this

    point. The Restaurant setback is 62' (+/-) The

    new sidewalk will cut at least 2' off the front

    of this building.  Loss of several parking


Gladstone Bowling Lanes &

Crown Golf Shop

     Both businesses share this parking lot. The

     BRT plan calls for 64' street width at this

     point.  They will lose 6-8' off the front of their

     parking lot and several parking spaces.  A

     restricted access driveway (right in/right out) 

     will block customers coming from the north 

     or going south. 

           Curb 49'                 69' To sign post

                     54'                     60'  To sign edge

Stein Oil

    Loss of 10' off the front parking lot area.