11' +/-

11' +/-

14' Center Lane

8' Sidewalk

8' Sidewalk

Current Cross Section near Concord Rd.

Other Intersections Vary up to 10%

Thomason Auto Sales, & the House on 27th.

     The BRT plan calls for this dealership and the

     house on 27th to be torn down to become a

     park and ride.  If the park and ride is not 

     built, this business will still suffer if McLoughlin

     is widened.  This business employees 20 to 25


da Vinci's Restaurant

    The BRT plan calls for this building to be torn

    down and become a park and ride.  If the park 

    and ride was not built, this business will still

    suffer the effects of BRT from a major reduction   

    of parking spaces and access.  This business

    operates in the evening and has 10 employee's.

Drawing of Park Ave. from Metro's BRT plan book 2-5-2002

All measurements are approximate.  Numbers in the 100 to 130' range are for the full road width.  Lower numbers of 65' and below are from the center of McLoughlin or from a

specific point.

This is the BRT plan that was released to the public on 2-5-2002.  The plan is to 

widen McLoughlin from 110' (+/-) to 130' at major intersections to create a

separate bus bypass lane.  The pictures and descriptions show what will

happen to your business if you allow BRT to be built to their specifications.  Metro has said that the plan can be changed; however, they are only offering you minor changes by moving the road or a driveway a few feet to pacify you. As a community we must stand together and tell Metro "NO BUILD" to BRT or we will be stuck with the results of increased congestion, job losses, and

business that will be destroyed because of this project.  You must speak up loud to put an end to the destruction of our community. Remember the quote from Clackamas County, "Silence Is Considered Acceptance"

McLoughlin and Park Ave.

                   40' To curb

H&R Block

    The BRT plan calls for 61' street width at this

    point with a new sidewalk.

Yellow House

    Loss of 3' off front yard and retaining wall.

                                                 41' To curb

Hill Top

     Is 15' high (+/-). Will have to cut hillside

     back at least 63' from center line and install

     retaining wall. Loss of two large trees. 

Blue House

      Will lose most of its parking access. 

Total Car Care

    The BRT plan calls for 64' street width at 

    this point (23' from curb).  If  BRT is built as 

    their plans suggest,  this business will lose 

    their sign, part of their parking lot, and need   

    an entrance ramp because the parking lot is 

    higher than the street.

                       61'   To sign post   


      The BRT plan calls for 65' street width 

      at this point.  If BRT is built as their plan

      suggests, this business will lose their sign,

      part of their parking lot, and have a

      restricted access driveway that will block 

      customers coming from the north. 

                                    55' To light post

Ford Auto Repair

    The BRT plan calls for a street width of 65'

    at this point and a bus platform 15 x 120'. 

    If BRT is built as their plan suggests, this

    business will lose most of its parking. 

             (50'+/-) To sidewalk edge

Mikell's Pub & Grill

    Will lose most of the front parking lot back to the 

    white car if BRT is built as their plan shows 

    (15' +/- from sidewalk edge). There is no available   

    parking in the rear of the building and limited 

    space on this side because the land belongs to the 

    trolley trail.  This business needs 10 parking 

    spaces and employs 6 people.