11' +/-

11' +/-

14' Center Lane

8' Sidewalk

8' Sidewalk

Current Cross Section near Concord Rd.

Other Intersections Vary up to 10%


Hair Authority


Central Finance

American Family Insurance

Express Personal Services

All share this parking lot

    The BRT plan calls for 60' width on this side

    of McLoughlin.  The new sidewalk will be 9' 

    to the right making this parking lot narrow 

    and hard to park in. A new restricted access

    driveway will block customers coming from 

    the south.  People who use the Naef driveway 

    know that its almost impossible to go east to 

    McLoughlin when the traffic backs up on 


Utility post 51'              62' Sign

Sidewalk Edge 54'

           Curb 40'               Sidewalk edge 54'

Les Schwab

    A nice job of landscaping, trees, and working 

    with the sidewalk .  The BRT plan would rip 

    all of this out and move the sidewalk 6' to the 


                                        19' To utility pole

Thomason Pontiac / GMC

     BRT bus platform will take 23' (from curb),   

     off the front landscape and display area. The

     old tree will be removed.

    Sidewalk edge 54'

Town and Country Chevrolet

    New sidewalk / BRT platform will be moved 

    to the right.  Loss of 14' off the front

    landscape area. (from sidewalk edge) 

                  Sidewalk edge 54'             

Town and Country Chrysler

    BRT road width of 68' at this point.  Loss of

    14' off the front landscape and display area. 

    (from sidewalk edge) 

This is the BRT plan that was released to the public on 2-5-2002.  The plan is to 

widen McLoughlin from 110' (+/-) to 130' at major intersections to create a

separate bus bypass lane.  The pictures and descriptions show what will

happen to your business if you allow BRT to be built to their specifications.  Metro has said that the plan can be changed; however, they are only offering you minor changes by moving the road or a driveway a few feet to pacify you. As a community we must stand together and tell Metro "NO BUILD" to BRT or we will be stuck with the results of increased congestion, job losses, and

business that will be destroyed because of this project.  You must speak up loud to put an end to the destruction of our community. Remember the quote from Clackamas County, "Silence Is Considered Acceptance"

McLoughlin and Naef

All measurements are approximate.  Numbers in the 100 to 130' range are for the full road width.  Lower numbers of 65' and below are from the center of McLoughlin or from a

specific point.

The BRT plan is to widen McLoughlin to 128'. at this intersection. (60' on the west and 68' on the east side)

Drawing of Naef Rd. from Metro's BRT plan book 2-5-2002