11' +/-

11' +/-

14' Center Lane

8' Sidewalk

8' Sidewalk

Current Cross Section near Concord Rd.

Drawing of Courtney Ave. from Metro's BRT plan book 2-5-2002

All measurements are approximate.  Numbers in the 100 to 130' range are for the full road width.  Lower numbers of 65' and below are from the center of McLoughlin or from a

specific point.

This is the BRT plan that was released to the public on 2-5-2002.  The plan is to 

widen McLoughlin from 110' (+/-) to 130' at major intersections to create a

separate bus bypass lane.  The pictures and descriptions show what will

happen to your business if you allow BRT to be built to their specifications.  Metro has said that the plan can be changed; however, they are only offering you minor changes by moving the road or a driveway a few feet to pacify you. As a community we must stand together and tell Metro "NO BUILD" to BRT or we will be stuck with the results of increased congestion, job losses, and

business that will be destroyed because of this project.  You must speak up loud to put an end to the destruction of our community. Remember the quote from Clackamas County, "Silence Is Considered Acceptance"

McLoughlin and Courtney Road

Grocery Outlet (and other Courtney stores)

    The BRT plan calls for a street width of 65'

    at this corner. If BRT is built as their plan 

    suggests,  many parking spaces may be lost to

    all stores in this complex because this is a 

    narrow lot and there would no longer be 

    room for angle parking on both sides.  A new

    restricted access driveway will limit

    customers coming from the south.  This sign 

    will have to be moved or replaced.  When you 

    combine all these problems, customers will go

    elsewhere to shop when they can't park and

    people will lose their jobs.

              59' to sidewalk edge

These business share this parking lot.   


Liberty Computer Service


Kaady's Appliance

B&L Vacuum

La Mexicana Variety Store

Pollos Restaurant

Steve's Scuba

Business offices

Professionally Yours Salon

Forever 99 Store

Grocery Outlet

        Utility Post at 60'

Indian Motorcycle

    The BRT plan calls for 65' street width at this

    point.  If BRT is built as their plan suggests, 

    this business will lose all of its front parking, 

    one of its driveway entrances, and one

    driveway will become a restricted driveway 

    that blocks all customers coming from the

    north on McLoughlin. This may result in this 

    business moving out of Oak Grove (6 jobs).

Midas Muffler

    The BRT plan call for 60' street width at this 

    point.  If BRT is built as their plan suggests, 

    this business will lose part of its front

    landscape area and will have a new narrow 


          Grass strip edge 60'

              58' to edge


99 Hawk

    Loss of front space.  Sidewalk will be within 

    3' of building.

Bentley's Boat Tops

    Loss of front space (3'~ closer than grass 

    strip).  Sign will have to be moved.  Narrow

    off-center driveway restricts doing business 

    with trucks pulling boat trailers.

B&K Tax Service

     Loss of front part of parking lot.

Cash's Cleaners

     Loss of front part of parking lot.

Auto Net Auto Sales

     Loss of 11' off the front display area (from

     sidewalk edge), Major loss of business due to

     a new restricted access driveway that blocks

     all customers from the north.

        Sidewalk edge 60'       62' Roof overhang

Union 76 Gas Station

     The BRT plan call for 65' street width at this

     point.  If BRT is built as their plan suggests, 

     this business will have a new sidewalk 5' to 

     the right.  The roof will have to be cut off 

     at least 3' and rebuilt to new building codes.

     Gas pumps will now be within 8' of new

     sidewalk.  Restricted access driveways will 

     block customers coming from the south on 

     McLoughlin.  Lack of business customers

     will cause people to lose their jobs.