11' +/-

11' +/-

14' Center Lane

8' Sidewalk

8' Sidewalk

Current Cross Section near Concord Rd.

Other Intersections Vary up to 10%

All measurements are approximate.  Numbers in the 100 to 130' range are for the full road width.  Lower numbers of 65' and below are from the center of McLoughlin or from a specific point.

Drawing of Concord Road from Metro's BRT plan book 2-5-2002

This is the BRT plan that was released to the public on 2-5-2002.  The plan is to 

widen McLoughlin from 110' (+/-) to 130' at major intersections to create a

separate bus bypass lane.  The pictures and descriptions show what will

happen to your business if you allow BRT to be built to their specifications.  Metro has said that the plan can be changed; however, they are only offering you minor changes by moving the road or a driveway a few feet to pacify you. As a community we must stand together and tell Metro "NO BUILD" to BRT or we will be stuck with the results of increased congestion, job losses, and

business that will be destroyed because of this project.  You must speak up loud to put an end to the destruction of our community. Remember the quote from Clackamas County, "Silence Is Considered Acceptance"

McLoughlin and Concord Road

                                    60' to sign edge


     Planned street width 63' at this point.  Loss 

     of front area, 21' from curb. New narrower

     driveway entrance. 

                   50' To Sidewalk Edge

Title Loan Express

      Loss of all front parking (4 spaces).  New   

      sidewalk will be within 7' of building.

                                  Sidewalk edge 50'

Le Fashion

      New sidewalk up to the front window,

      restricted access driveway will block

      customers coming from the south.

Simple Folks

        BRT plan calls for street width of 64' at

        this point.  Current building sets back 12'

        from sidewalk edge (62' from center).  New 

        sidewalk will run through the front of this

        building. Will have to remove at least 3

        feet and meet current county building 

        codes.  Loss of 2 parking spaces and

        restricted access driveway, that blocks

        customers coming from the south.

GG's Restaurant

        New sidewalk and retaining wall will be

        installed 15' to the right of the sidewalk 

        partially blocking the restaurant view.

        Loss of 3 parking spaces and sign.  A new

        long driveway ramp will extend down 

        to the front door and a restricted access

        driveway will block entry from the south.

Scozzari's Auto Sales

       Loss of 5 auto display spaces along front


Willamette Mortgage Services

       Planned street width 62' at this point. Will   

       lose most of the front area (23' from curb). 

       Electronic sign will have to be removed.

Concord N.W. corner from Scozzari's Auto Sales to GG's Restaurant.  The BRT plan calls for 61 to 65' street width at these points (largest at GG's).  If BRT was built as their plan

suggested, the following businesses will have

major impacts to them.

                   Sign edge 55'       55' Utility post

  Sidewalk edge   50' (at 99 sign)

Chevron Gas Station

      BRT plan calls for 65' street width at this 

      point.  If BRT is built as suggested, this 

      business would lose 15' off the front from the 

      sidewalk edge and have restricted access 

      driveways that block customers coming 

      from the north on McLoughlin.

G I Joes

     Loss of 24'+ (from curb) from the south 

     parking lot area for new bus platform with 

     retaining wall.

         56' to sign edge

La Conga Restaurant

    BRT plan calls for 50 to 56' street width across

    half of this lot.  If BRT built as suggested, this

    business will have a sidewalk within 2' of their 

    sign and their main driveway that leads to their

    drive through will be blocked.

  Sidewalk edge 48'                       59' to pole

Goodyear Tire

      The BRT plan calls for 60' street width at this

      point. If BRT is built as their plan suggests, 

      this business will lose 12 to 13' off the parking

      lot front. This will eliminate most of the

      existing parking strip in front as there will not 

      be room to pull out of the shop and park too.   

      A new restricted access driveway will block

      customers coming from the south or going to 

      the north on McLoughlin.